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We don't have anything against garages per se. Disney, Jobs and Gates did wonderful things in theirs. Given that cars were parked in ours — EV charging cords plugged in, of course — our solutions were born in the environment they're to be deployed in: infrastructure control rooms.

The operators in these control rooms — integral contributors to development — identified several areas of risk that needed addressing: lack of situational awareness, non-integration of applications, and the need for specific decision support tools. Our resulting solutions link, in real time, to the systems that operators use. With ResilientGrid's situational awareness tools, operators navigate through systems more easily and report a better understanding of system dynamics.

The principal architect of our applications, Michael Legatt, is ResilientGrid's founder. With PhDs in psychology and engineering, his passion for improving the way critical systems personnel perform, born of first hand experience of the breakdown of those systems, is central to the tools and methodologies we deploy.

Our team is committed to working with critical infrastructure organizations, offering implementation, maintenance, and support packages. Our consulting practice leverages our deep expertise in human factors engineering and control room design to maximize the efficacy of our core solution, RG Map. Our training services are tailored to each client, their situation, and their needs.

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