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ResilientGrid is Situational Awareness & Advanced Visualization Software for Critical Infrastructure

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Reduce Risk

Grid Operators are under intense pressure to mitigate risks and respond to challenges: nowhere more so than in keeping our critical infrastructure secure and stable.

ResilientGrid helps operators manage the increasingly complex data streams flowing in and out of these vital systems, especially in times of crisis.

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Super-Powers for Operators

ResilientGrid is the only software solution designed to create a joint cognitive system between system operator and software itself--effectively integrating the operator as a key component of the situational awareness solution.

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Introducing ResilientGrid Map

Situational Awareness & Advanced Visualization For Critical Infrastructure.

Energy management systems are growing more complex, as networks create a multitude of data streams. ResilientGrid Map is a single pane of glass for all network data streams, improving operator performance and collaboration through visualization, analysis, and collaboration.

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Situational Awareness

ResilientGrid Map provides operators with an integrated visual environment for all components of their critical infrastructure.

Rapid Decision Support

Operators see only the information they wish to see and are not overwhelmed by extraneous details.

Real-Time Collaboration

Operators control information-sharing in a granular fashion and can share precise views with high velocity.

Easily Integrate

Integrate with any data stream, providing significant flexibility for operators to control their visualizations, all using standard off-the-shelf computer hardware and human factors best practices.

Dashboard Visualization

Control and workflow interfaces.

Multidimensional Historian

Visualize historic data.

Secured Server

Authentication and team permissions that integrates with your existing security model.

Analytics Engine

Incorporating data analytics for enhanced & automated analysis.

Downstream Data Modules

Integrating proprietary & partner data streams; introduction of revenue-grade & high frequency streams and operator analysis tools.

Designed For Operators & Regulators

Energy Control Operators

Real-time data sharing in emergencies to improve collaboration between sites, organizations, and infrastructures - easily see the same screens and data across sites and infrastructures, maximizing the speed of recovery operations and the chances of success in mission-critical situations.

Energy Control Room Managers

Real-time situation awareness in the control room: Pull together all the information you need to know (and filter out the rest) to be successful and resilient.

Information and Operations Groups

See the signal in the big data: Better understand what's going on as the systems you use become increasingly fast-moving, complex, and complicated.