ResilientGrid Introduces Visualization Software for Situational Awareness and Resilience at Power-Gen International 2017

Command Center Visualization Software, ResilientGrid Map™ Delivers End-To-End Immersion for Command Center Operators in Energy, Gas, Infrastructure and Emergency Services

Orlando, FL. - December 13th, 2016 - ResilientGrid has introduced the first commercial integrated visual environment for critical infrastructures. ResilientGrid Map incorporates human factors best practices and years of insights to provide control room operators, engineers, analysts, and other personnel with an integrated visual environment designed to improve response time and reduce error in critical situations. The system is being demonstrated at the Power-Gen International Conference in Orlando, FL starting December 13th, 2016 in booth #4660 with additional information at online.

With increasingly complex energy and infrastructure systems driving business decisions, the pressure on the men and women who monitor and operate these systems every moment of every day grows with every new technology in our infrastructure ecosystem. ResilientGrid empowers these operators and engineers, with proven user interfaces and human factors engineering. “Today's critical infrastructure is growing more complex, magnifying challenges for a multitude of stakeholders. ResilientGrid Map incorporates years of human factors engineering proven to increase speed and reduce operator error for more integrated and rapid response,” said Michael Legatt, CEO and Founder of ResilientGrid. ”We have developed a single pane of glass allowing analysts and operators to see maps and visualizations of all grid data streams on a single screen, increasing their situational awareness and growing resiliency.”

ResilientGrid Map is integrated visualization software for control centers that helps operators avert and rapidly respond to critical situations. The system provides analysts and operators with the ability to visualize and make real time decisions for massively complex energy, emergency response, and emerging internet of things infrastructures. Designed with proven user interfaces and human factors engineering, the system is designed to reduce human error and speed decision making. ResilientGrid Map provides real time situational awareness for control room operators, improving public safety and grid resiliency.

ResilientGrid Map is designed for rapid IT integration of new modeling and state information, and continuous integration of new data sources. The system employs a straightforward API and toolset for data and model transfer into any environment. Common technologies such as XML, CIM, CSV, Modbus, DNP3, ICCP, IEC 61850, BACNet, and OpenADR allow for easy integration with multiple systems. The system's security architecture is designed to meet NIST 800-53 and 800-82 guidelines with considerations for collaboration and sharing in critical situations, and is designed to work securely in isolated secured facilities, on secure cloud services (e.g., GovCloud and DISA) and on public cloud services (e.g., Amazon EC2).

About ResilientGrid

Wonderful companies were born in garages, ResilientGrid was born in infrastructure control rooms. The operators in these control rooms identified several areas of risk including a lack of situational awareness, non-integration of applications, and the need for specific decision support tools. With ResilientGrid's situational awareness tools, operators navigate through systems more easily and report a better understanding of system dynamics. The principal architect of our applications, Michael Legatt, is ResilientGrid's founder. With PhDs in psychology and engineering, his passion for improving the way critical systems personnel perform is central to the tools and methodologies we deploy.

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